Canada is becoming leading destination for international student due to the high quality of education and living standard. The cost of living and tuition fees is lesser than the other countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. Doing advanced healthcare leadership in Canada is the best choice for student due to benefits like work while you study, job opportunities and as well as a pathway to a Canadian permanent resident.

Healthcare leadership is the different and complex field, the ideal programme play a part in enhance to improve the experiences of the patient, the health of communities and the operations of health services. It provides an opportunity to enrich their knowledge and skills in the fast-growing field of health care. Students get the clear idea of where they are going, what they are trying to achieve and how they plan to get there. From this advantage point, we can give our patients the best possible care, safely and affordable.

Advanced healthcare leadership focuses on leadership capability to implement the foundational architecture of organization, personal and system change. The program provides a challenging opportunity for personal leadership development for current and future member of executive teams working in the sector. The seniority and different participant creates a unique gathering and network discussion, reflection and learning that will last important to their careers.

Programme goal to educate the student in
1. System, organizational and personal leadership
2. Management of change
3. Emotional and political intelligence
4. Integrative thinking and managerial tools

Career pathway for advanced healthcare programme:
• Nursing unit manager
• Medical administrator
• Senior policy officer
• Quality and clinical governance manager
• Program manager
• Chief execute
• Care manager
• Practice manager or owner
• University academic or lecture
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