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Arts and science study is the combination of lingual arts and social services. Arts are the study where you can find different characteristics of functions with skills through it. The students learn about drawing the conclusions for the data. Arts mainly depend on the approach of solving the problems.

Major Degrees in Arts

These are the major degrees in arts which undergo social studies and arts,
  • Anthropology and Sociology.
  • Archaeology.
  • Asian Studies.
  • Chinese.
  • Classics and Ancient History.
  • Communication and Media Studies.
  • English and Cultural Studies.
  • French Studies

UG Courses

These are the UG courses in arts degree,
  • A - Acharya
  • A - Arts & Humanities
  • A - Communication
  • A - General
  • A - Performing Arts
  • A. B.Ed - B.A. B.Ed
  • E - Applied Arts
  • Ed - Hearing Impaired Education
  • Ed - Men Studies
  • F.A - Applied Arts

PG Courses

  • A - Arts & Aesthetics
  • A - Arts & Humanities
  • A - Communication
  • A - Folk Arts
  • A - Performing Arts
  • A - Theatre Arts
  • A - Visual Arts
  • F.A - Applied Arts
  • F.A - Theater Arts
  • P.A - Theatre Arts
  • Phil - Folk Arts
  • Phil - Theater Arts

Eligibility Criteria

One can start his arts degree in 11th standard itself. The student can choose his stream has Arts in the medium of 11th or intermediate. The subject that covers in arts such as maths, social studies and computer application. So after the completion of 12th he can choose his undergraduate degree as Arts and science. The duration of the arts and science study is two to four years. Bachelor of Arts is the undergraduate degree and masters of Arts is the post graduate degree.


They have many numbers of opportunities in this field as it has huge scope in the society. They can also apply for the government jobs. The main sector in this arts degree is the finance sector which has a better scope among the organization.vvvvv


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