What are the Benefits of permanent residential status in Canada?

Starting from boarding the flight and to entering the country one must have the valid permanent residential card. Without a PR card you will not be permitted to enter Canada. Permanent resident is given to people from other countries. A permanent resident is given to assure that one is given rights as a permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. Attaining the permanent resident gets the independence to live in the country but they are not entirely known as a Canadian citizen. Someone who claims for permanent resident will get it issued only after the approval of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

On travelling outside the country the Permanent Residential card is needed to show as an identification which denotes that you are a permanent resident to re enter the country. The permanent residents need to show their resident card whenever needed in order to prove their permanent resident status. The one without a personal resident card need to obtain a permanent resident travel document before returning to Canada.

Benefits of permanent residential;
There are several rights acquired having the permanent resident in Canada.

• You will be eligible to receive most of the social benefits that are including health responsibility coverage, basic pension, worker’s compensation, free job search training and so on.

• One obtaining the permanent residence can live anywhere in Canada. He can easily get admissions to study at Canadian educational units and also can learn language courses for free which of these language courses are being offered by the federal government. Most importantly one can work at any sector as a Canadian citizen does except some secured government jobs.

• The permanent residents are permitted to apply for Canadian citizenship.

• The permanent residents will not be put in any violations in the country and they are protected under Canadian law and the Canadian charter of rights and freedom.

• As like any other Canadian you must pay taxes and honour Canadian laws, you don’t have to pay any other tax on the income from outside Canada.

• The permanent resident can support the family members to make them come and get the permanent residence in Canada.

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