International Business Management is a master degree designed to develop the ability to perform and resource of managers in the world economy. Establish you to obtain the industrial knowledge and successfully conduct business on a global scale in any international corporate environment. This program offer a unique global aspect of business.

International business programmes give students an understanding of the different business management in all over the world. In this programme you will be trained to apply international research, marketing and business etc. skills to a variety of complex global marketing situation. And also developed skills in digital and intercultural communications, negotiation and teamwork this will support you as you integrative trade initiatives.

Student will gain knowledge in:
1. International marketing
2. International finance and banking
3. International business law
4. Global business research
5. Global business analysis
6. Corporate social responsibility and international development
7. International business planning
8. Business networking

The basic academic requirements are graduates of the three year degree in the recognised university or college and two year work experience in related field may be considered. English language proficiency test like IELTS and TOEFL are needed. Teaching and communicable language will be in English and the program duration in one year. Nowadays there is a rapid growth of developing economics and their importance in global market it’s important that in order to remain competitive.

Career outlook for International Business Management are:
1. International economist
2. International banking
3. Management analyst
4. International marketing manager
5. Business consultant
6. Entrepreneur in import/export
7. Commercial banking officer
8. Foreign investment analyst
9. Trade representative
10. Corporate social responsibility manager

In Canada you have extraordinary career outlook for International Business Management as well as in quality educational system. Canadian MBA schools are among the best universities and institutions in the world. Those interested in studying in the Canada can find several options.
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