Job Seeker Visa to Germany

Germany is a powerful economic engine of Europe, holding multilevel companies from diversified sectors. It is known as one of the richest and safest countries in the world. Germany includes plenty of career opportunities in sectors like automobile, engineering, software, pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology and so on. In Germany, the qualified workers get highly demanded. There are several opportunities to build you career in Germany. Obtaining a job seeker visa to Germany one can get easily developed in professional and private life.

Job seeker visa to Germany allows one to obtain a long-term residence permit and search for a job. Through the job seeker, visa one meeting the needed requirements for the job profile gets high placements. The validity of job seeker visa is a period of 6 months. After the successful job securing you can get Germany work permit immigration. Availing the job seekers visa, you can choose any job according to your need and interest. Getting a job offer one can apply for residence permit known as Blue Card. The processing time to get Jobseeker visa is 3 months or more.

The blue card holders are eligible to seek for the permanent residence permit after 33 months of obtaining a blue card. Job seeker visa is needed to a foreign national who expect to work in Germany and it allows one to stay in Germany and search for a job. Job seeker visa a temporary residence permit who wishes to work in German which authorizes them to work in German.

Eligibility to apply for a job seeker visa
• Must hold a degree from German Universities or foreign degrees equivalent to German degrees.
• Applicant must have a minimum of five years experience related to their degree obtained from the universities.
• Applicant must have medical insurance to cover the entire period of your stay in Germany.
• Applicant must have enough funds to cover the expenses in Germany.

Documents required applying for jobseeker visa
• valid passport with a validity of at least 12 months
• academic documents
• proof of personal status
• proof of accommodation in Germany
• Referral letter

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