Kent is one of the best rich schools in tradition and history since it founded in 1906. Every student at Kent has their own uniqueness in their own selected field. They are not only encouraged, they push their students in every activity to test their self and know their self. At Kent students learn to grasp everything and achieve anything.

Fashion design and merchandising is a competitive admission programme. It’s a broad industry that requires the strong sense of style and trends. A student can learn about industry trends, marketing, product development and event planning. Kent school of fashion design and merchandising improve the student skills to be successful in the understanding of service wants and needs and knowledge of current fashion trend as well as the ability to forecast structure trends. They also educate to have an understanding of colours, patterns in fabrics, the psychology and behaviour of the costumers.Excellent communication and analytical skills are added during in your studying period.

Obtaining a fashion design and merchandising can open the door to many opportunities indifferent field. Others may choose to own and operate their own boutiques.
Career options are:
1. Clothing/fashion designer
2. Accessory/costume designer
3. Art director
4. Retail buyer & Purchasing manager
5. Floral designer
6. Graphic designer
7. Industrial designer
8. Jewellers and precious stone and metalwork designer

Special academic experiences in Kent School are international and study away experience, internships in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York and in Europe and with local business in northeast Ohio, visiting fashion professionals, fashion student organization, annual student fashion show. The student who has minimum cumulative grade point (3.0) are eligible to apply for college scholarships and awards. There are many students who choose their bachelors /master‘s degree in Kent school to get world high education as well as their culture and tradition.
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