Masters in Medical Research in Sweden

Sweden is the world’s most reputable academic distinction & 2nd best country in the world for level of quality for education at Master’s and Doctoral levels. Sweden is one of the world’s most execute depositors in basic research and development, making Sweden the top-ranking country in the EU in that esteem. Ingenious research at Swedish universities and companies has resulted in a number of successful appartus.

Medical Research organize to benefit and support the development of knowledge in the field of medicine, and pre-clinical research, for example involving cell signalling, experimental animal models, alternatives to animal experiments, ethical approaches and considerations in research, biostatic and written and oral research presentation including practical exercises.

The program aims to implement :
⎫ Three research projects with practical experience and observation of several other projects according to the selection of a graduate topic.
⎫ Acceptable theoretical platform which will serve as a substantial pillar for scientific creativity, problem solving, and a neutral critical attitude.
⎫ Gaining knowledge about scientific presentation techniques.
⎫ Understanding into the field related to the role of science in the community.
⎫ Network with scientists which can provide as supervisors or co-worker during your subsequent graduate training program.
⎫ Influence and opportunity for mutual effort with medical and biotechnological companies.
After completing the programme the student should be have a initiate capacity to:
⎫ Employ a scientific way in the assessment of research and science-related statements
⎫ Summarise scientific texts of a project area with examination, investigation, evaluation and in written form.
⎫ Plan and attain research projects, and evaluate and results.
⎫ Existing the results from completed projects orally and in writing in scientific manners.
⎫ Existing research results orally or in written and poster format.
⎫ Implement the ethical rules and approved for conduct and broadcasting of research projects, and evaluate impact of results from the ethical wise.
The degree conferred a Degree of Master of Medical Science (120 credits) with main field of study Medical Science. All teaching and discussions grasped in English and is a 2 years program. Courses included in 1st academic period is Biomedicine, Forensic science, Infection biology, Medical nuclide techniques and Molecular medicine and in 2nd academic period is advanced research practise and master’s projects. Admission requirements are Bachelor’s degree, from an internationally recognized university and English language proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS.

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