Master-level studies are specialized study in the field of research or an area of professional practice. Pursing a master degree establish a higher level of mastery of the subjects. The course based Master of Engineering will prepare graduates for leadership position within the Automotive and manufacturing industries.
What is Automotive Engineering?
Automotive Engineering is a combination of mechanical, electrical and material science which deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. Automotive engineering will work in every area of the industrial field, from the look and feel of current cars, the safety and security of new forms of transport. Attempting to make cars as fast as possible, keeping them fuel efficient may seem like a challengeable and innovative task but this kind of situation automotive engineers deal with everyday in life.
What does automotive engineering do?
1. Design
2. Production
3. Research and development
4. Finding solutions to the problem.
The Master of Automotive Engineering giving with a detailed understanding of advanced technology and process related to the automotive systems. The length of the study is approximately 24 months, based on full time study. Students with undergraduate degrees in mechanical, electrical or other field of engineering can also apply for MS Automotive Engineering. Student can interact with world class faculty conducting progressive research in the automotive areas.
Basics eligibility for Master of Automotive Engineering should have Bachelor degree in Engineering in recognized university and English language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL.
MS Automotive Engineering course includes:
¬ 1.Master projects
¬ 2.Engineering project management
¬ 3.Computer aided engineering
¬ 4.Engineering analysis
¬ 5.Ground vehicles dynamic
¬ 6.Ground vehicles aero dynamic
¬ 7.Powertrain engine dynamic
¬ 8.Noise vibration and harshness etc
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