Master of Science in Forestry is the forest education is keeping step with changing social values and an increasing knowledge based on forest sector. Students will learn about topics like the biology of trees, innovative wood products and forest engineering, they also taught about ecological and cultural issues related to the forest. The forestry education applies scientific, economic and social principle used in the formation and management of forests.

In Master of Science in Forestry you will gain knowledge, skills and capability to:
1. Developing the forest management plan
2. Managing forest land and resource economics
3. Planning and directing aforestation and reforestation project
4. Planning harvest programs
5. Directly suppressing forest fires
6. Planning and directing the construction and maintenance of roads, trails, firebreaks and recreation facilities
7. Conducting fire prevention programme
8. Planning and implementation projects for control of floods, soil erosion, tree disease and forest insect pests.
9. Conducting public education program on forest care.

Admission criteria for MSc forestry in Canada, students should have completed the undergraduate degree in forestry or environmental science and English language proficiency tests like IELTS, Canadian academic language, Cambridge English test and ILETS. Communicable and teaching language will be in English. Fees are more affordable compared to other countries. Canada is a choice for international students to pursue the degree due to various reasons such as educational quality, low living cost, safe place to live and study, health facilities and lifestyle and government facilities.

Profession available to forestry are:
• Timber companies
• Government sector
• Hydroelectric companies
• Municipalities
• Wildlife management
• Bio-energy management
• Forest inventory
• Forest product industry like the tree farm, woodlot owner etc.

And graduates also self-employed as a forestry contractor or resource consultant, working for private industries or various government agency such as Parks Canada, Environment Canada and Natural resource Canada. So doing MSc forestry in Canada is a great benefit to the student due to the best education and as well as in professional level.
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