Master of Science in Mechatronics involves study and research basis in a wide variety of laboratories. Functional laboratories for robotics, control system and sustainable energy are often utilised.
Advantage of Mechatronics:
It is relatively new and also fastest developing field.
Numerous area of application
Availability of cost effective areas of specialization
Good job scope abroad
MS Mechatronics is a 2 year program (4 semesters) and it combines topic of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, telecommunication engineering, system engineering, control engineering and computer science.They will able to create mechanical products which will increase performance and efficiency in various industries. They can design, develop and test a broad range of automated machines from industrial to consumer’s products. Basic academic requirements are Bachelor degree of Engineering and English language proficiency test i.e. IELTS or TOEFL. The students who have studied English medium, ILETS or TOEFL condition can be relinquished.
Career outlook are:
¬ Aerospace industry
¬ Chemical processing
¬ Communication
¬ Healthcare
¬ Nanotechnology
¬ Manufacturing
¬ Automation
¬ Control system design or engineering
¬ Data logging engineering
¬ Electro-mechanical technology
In Poland, the quality of education is well developed monitored and evaluated regularly. Tuition fees and living expensive is low comparatively to the other country. The study programmes also offered in English in several specialised universities. The degrees issued in Poland are widely recognizable in other European countries. Doing MS Mechatronics in Poland is the best choice to step up your dream. Student can extend their residency permit even after the graduation. Procedure for getting visa is very easy and no interviews are required. If you chose to study in Poland, you can apply for a Polish government scholarship for your career. There are also a lot other ways to lower the cost of college fees. Poland is moderate climate zone, the coldest months are January and February with temperatures falling a couple of degree below zero, the weather conditions for winter sports are generally good.
It’s a world best environment for people who love to learn and to debate. In Poland, people honour for fearlessly discussing politics, religion and other topics. People of Poland are more hospitable to other international student. Outside of university, the student life is social, with plenty of nightlife and things to do in student cities. Student in Poland can stay in universities accommodation with other people; some people also stay in private apartments and rents. Polish universities are eagerly welcome foreign students.

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