Nursing adaptation programme is designed to modify an oversea educated nurse to practice in Czech nursing system. And allow them to gain through the knowledge in managing healthcare organization like hospitals, care centres, clinics etc. The major role of this programme is learning Czech language and medical terminology in the Czech language.

In the Czech Republic is one of the best education systems in Europe especially when it comes to science, medicine and engineering. Low-cost living and tuition fees compared to some other countries like UK, France and Germany.Throughout the programme, students will be a focus on nursing theory and skills as well as patient psychology and user of the health care system. During this Nursing adaptation programme you will gain knowledge, skills and capability to:
 Enhance & preserve the health of the patients
 Support rehabilitation
 Carry out, present information’s and trained nursing
 Prevent and treat illnesses and conditions
 Conduct palliative care when there is no cure
 Assess and develop
 Working experience
The basic requirement for Nursing Adaptation programme is candidates should have the bachelor degree in nursing, Police clearance certificate, medical fitness certification and English language proficiency test like ILETS. Course duration is 1 year.

Approbation test that consists of four components. Approbation exam is also known as licensure exam. They are
1. Professional Knowledge
2. Health care system & Legal framework
3. Internship – students will have 40 days internship in a hospital with a professional supervision and also review of subjects like Somatology, Nursing, Psychology prior starting their internships.
4. Verbal exam- In nurse adaptation programme the student will gain intensive knowledge in Czech language lessons including grammar, writing and reading skills.

The first and second component exam will in held in Czech, English, French, German or Russian languages. After clearing fourth component exam the candidate becomes licensed and allow to practice in Czech health care system. Students gain practical knowledge through internships and being part of reputed organisation like hospital, health care centres and clinics. The student is armed strong in theoretical as well as practical experience, thus light up their career prospects and broaden their opportunities.
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