How to obtain a permanent residential status in Canada?

About Canada

Canada is globally preferred country and mainly chosen for investments. Canada plays a major role in industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Petroleum, Agriculture, Information Technology, and Shipbuilding. Canada is most profitable place amongst many countries in the world. Low business costs, corporate tax rates, ready access to markets, a highly skilled workforce, strong public support for R&D and stable, robust financial institutions helps Canada to sustain the investments from many countries. Canada encourages people across the world to invest in Canadian economy to increase its international exposure.

Obtaining a permanent resident card

Canada is an ideal country to obtain a permanent residential visa for its high employment rate and perfect and best environment to begin a family. There are different immigration programs in Canada to obtain a permanent residential. Obtaining the permanent residents of Canada you will get the permanent resident card. It is the proof that you are permanent residents of Canada on re-entering the country.

When you come to Canada it’s important to show your confirmation of permanent residence and Canadian immigrant visa to immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada officer at the port of entry. After the documents verification, you will be permitted to enter into the country. For non-failing documents, you have to make sure to arrive in Canada before your visa expires. An important note is that the Canadian immigrant visas cannot be extended.

In order to obtain permanent residents (PR) in Canada, you must be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days in every 5 years, which is that you have to live in the country minimum for 2 years period of time. After obtaining a permanent residence in 5 years time if you are willing to go outside the country for an extended period of time it’s important to have a contact with immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC) to make them sure about your returning.

On staying outside the country If Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada find that you are not meeting your residency requirements. The permanent resident will cancel the permit and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will no longer issues returning resident permits. Being a legal resident of Canada and to get the eligibility to apply for the Canadian citizenship you must spend 4 of 6 years in Canada.

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