Canada is the best destination for international students to pursue their degree. It has the lot of benefits like low tuition cost and living cost, a pathway to Canadian permanent resident and works while you study. Canada has world Class University and college. And consider as equivalent as the degree from the United States and Commonwealth nations.

Quality engineering management is a two-year programme and it covers a wide broad area. The student learns the concepts required to manage and organize business on a big scale. They are research intensive and tie heavily on management and financial techniques. This programme provides individual with knowledge and technique to establish the delivery and quality of goods and service.

Quality engineering management programme in Canada, typically take an advanced class in the following areas:
• Quality management theory and practise
• ISO quality systems
• Quality managerial finance
• Quality production and management systems development
• Quantitative analysis and metrology
• Process control and capability in relation to quality assurance

Admission requirements are mechanical engineering degree from recognized university or college. English language proficiency test score should be 6.5, minimum 5.5 or TOEFL. The course is taught by exceptional faculty members who have years of extensive experience in the industry. On completion of this programme, the graduate will be able to contribute to the role of discovering value in the organization and will able to apply modern quality techniques and procedures to solve problems, to estimate the waste and improve the value to the customer at the end.

Employment outlooks:
Type of industry offered includes automotive, electronics, aerospace, manufacturing, packing, construction and pharmaceuticals.
• Quality inspectors
• Quality engineers
• Quality Coordinator
• Quality Technician
• Quality manager
• ISO coordinators
• Quality supervisors
• Quality auditors
• Project managers

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