Quebec skilled worker immigration to Canada


Quebec is the largest Canadian division located in the east central zone of Canada. French language is commonly used by many in Quebec. Quebec’s moderate economy is ranked as 37th largest economy in the world. Quebec includes developed industries such as aerospace, information technologies, software and multimedia and is a major hub of developed industries. Quebec manages 7,300 businesses employing more than 145,000 people. Quebec greets immigrants to contribute to its economy by taking a part in its several sectors.

Quebec skilled worker immigration

Quebec skilled worker immigration allows people from worldwide to occupy and settle in Quebec in order to achieve economical growth. This enables immigrants to forehand himself financially strong and also contributes to the development of Quebec industries.
The applicants assessed based on fulfilling the requirements. The eligibility criteria for the skilled worker immigration are followed through education, work experience, age, language skills and so on;

• The qualification acquired must be equivalent to diploma courses offered through the institutions of Quebec. And the qualification must be recognised by overseas. Your training diploma must be awarded in last 5 years by the time of applying and must fall under the area of training list of Quebec. If your diploma is awarded not in last 5 years, then you must at least secure 1 year work experience which is relevant to the area of training.

• Work experience can include full time, part time or a training recognised by a diploma or area of training in the past 5 years.

• The applicant age must be above 17 years.

• The applicant must know any one of two needed languages. They are Either English or French. Quebec’s offer of employment to the applicants is required.

The other factors followed by having sufficient funds to support oneself after immigrating to Quebec and the adaptability depending on the preparation to migrate in Quebec. The applicant is scored based on the above mentioned criteria. The processing time for getting the skilled worker immigration in Quebec will take between 7-39 months depending on the applicant’s nationality. For Indians it takes 11-12 months for the selection process. Hence the selected candidates by Quebec province are called as Quebec-selected skilled workers.

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