Australia is the third most popular destination for international students in English speaking world next to the US and UK. International students choose to study in Australia because of the culture, friendly natives and high quality of education.
Doing Biomedical Science in Australia, you will receive a qualification that’s recognized around the world. By choosing Australia you are discovering new friends and opportunities. You gain practicals and hands on training in the field in which you have applied. The combination of teamwork, shared learning and industry focus will provide you a leading edge for your higher studies and career growth destination.
Biomedical science is the scientific understanding of the structure and function of human body and correlation between health and disease. The people who graduate in this field may qualify for entry into a postgraduate degree such as medicine, pharmacy and physiotherapy. Students can establish his/her problem solving skills and learn how to apply those skills in their education. This course does not provide a medical training, it focus on how cells, organs, systems function in the human body.
The study of Biomedical Science initiate with broad foundation in the biological science in first two years and in upcoming years students can choose the specialized study in the subject including Physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, developmental biology, human genetics, neuroscience, human immunology, health ethics and law, microbiology and infectious diseases. Student can gain workplace experience in health and research such as pathology lab or medical research lab.
Career opportunities:
⎫ Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
⎫ Working in scientific sales and marketing
⎫ University and government research
⎫ Hospital
⎫ Veterinary and pathology labs
⎫ Cosmetic industries
⎫ Health department
The duration of Biomedical Science is 3 years. The language preferred for education and communication is English. Admission requirements are +2 marks with required entry grade and English language proficiency test i.e. IELTS 6.0 not less than 5.5. The numbers of voluntary are available to enable student to learn about their chosen field. The scholarships to international student are highly available in Australia, where the government invest multiple thousands for providing scholarship to international student annually. The living cost and tuition fees is comparatively lower the US and UK. The country also gives opportunity to work in part time during your free periods. Students can easily manage the living and study expensive through both scholarship and part time jobs.

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