As per recent statistics, Czech Republic is becoming one of the popular countries among students for international education. Students are choosing the Czech Republic as a study destination for a variety of reasons as they provide a number of programs to choose with interesting specializations, affordable tuition fees, living costs and a rich cultural life. Czech is one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. Formerly known as a communist state, has undergone a massive development in the past decades, and is now rated a Developed Country” in the eastern regions.

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic has is one of the most beautiful and refreshing places to enjoy quality education in any background. The Czech educational institutions have both public and private educational institutions. Few public educational institutions are:

• Academy of Arts, Architecture, and design in Prague
• Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
• Charles University
• Czech Technical University
• Czech University of Life Sciences

There are totally 26 public affiliated education institutions, 46 private and 2 state undertaking educational institutions. The universities offer educational programs in English and German, making it an obvious choice for many international students.


Best Educational System

The education system of Czech Republic is been widely recognized for its quality and tradition. Universities like The Charles University is the one of the oldest university in Central Europe. The Accreditation Commission and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports are responsible for evaluating the quality of various aspects of higher education.

Free Tuition Fee if study in the Czech language

According to the law of the Czech Government, Any national who is willing to learn any course in the Czech Language, the tuition fees is free except for the admission and enrollment cost. The low tuition fee is also an advantage of studying in the Czech Republic.

Life of students at Czech

For all the students who would love to explore the beauty of Czech, there are several national parks with numerous student activities like Water sports, fishing, hiking, cycling, and skiing etc. Prague’s central location makes life easier for students by providing access to air, bus and train travel to all the major cities in Europe. The life of students there adds attraction of students to study in the Czech Republic.

Cost of living for Students

The Czech Republic has a cheaper living cost compared to any European country. Estimates place total food, housing, and transportation costs for students in the Czech Republic at only 350-750 USD per month. Adding to the facilities, students are encouraged to acquire an International student identity (ISIC), which provides discounts for restaurants, cinemas, museums, concerts, and more.

Added Advantage

Foreign students are eligible for a number of scholarships, including those offered by specific institutions and the European Union. The Czech government offers financial aid scholarships to foreign students through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and within the framework of the Foreign Development Aid.

Culturally rich

In the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a country that comes across many cultures of different origins. While studying and living in the Czech Republic, you will find historic marks of Slavic, Germanic and Jewish communities. Visiting museums, attending literary cafes, entering by chance in old churches and cathedrals, walking through historic areas: this will be part of your daily routine while studying in the Czech Republic, complementing your classes and your social life with your new international friend.

For all the Students out there, who wants to study at the top universities and colleges and would love to grow their career in another country? The Czech Republic welcomes you with their arms wide open with the best of educational services and master class programs.

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