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Italy is a European country with Mediterranean coastline. The country has a rich culture, art, and architecture. The western culture and cuisine exist with plentiful quantities. The capital of Italy is Rome. Italy includes famous special possessions to get your fascinated attention at its art, architecture, museums and monuments. The history of the country gives the exciting reasons to choose study in Italy.

The study in Italy makes you move along and engage with others at a social function. Italy is a popular country for international students. The country offers quality and standard education. There are plenty of world class universities where the courses are available in affordable tuition fees than many other western countries. Through the statistical data, it’s seen that there are multiple thousands of international students who get enrolled in Italian universities. On considering a study in Italy students gets the high featured education while exploring the dynamic society. With the multiple reasons to choose Italy for studies, the educational programs majorly available to choose that meets the goal.

There are famous universities in Italy which are the oldest universities in the world. For instance, the oldest universities of Italy are the University of Bologna, University of Padua and University of Naples. Italy contains 89 universities they are categorized as state universities, publicly funded universities, private universities and superior graduate schools. There are different program options available to students. There are summer study courses, full year courses, and winter study courses to study in Italy. You can choose the courses depending on your need. The institution’s tuition fee varies from the Universities. The higher educational institutions establish their own tuition fees. Minimum cost is charged for the enrollment in the colleges. Depending on the universities and places the tuition varies in the country. The doctoral students acquiring the permission from the universities do not need to pay the tuition fees. When it comes to the food and accommodation including the travel and other communications the monthly budget is relatively manageable by doing part time jobs.

To study at the rich country with the great footprint of history and tradition Italy is has been chosen by many intellectually. The higher education is the most attractive option why international students come to Italy.

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