Study MBA in Turiba University Latvia

Turiba University greets student from all over the world to take the first step for their growth, development and successful career. The successful student growth in their career is achieved through the practical sessions given during the course. Turiba University is widely appreciated on getting the best employment to its students. The university ensures the highest employment on every academic cycle. The students on studying the course are enabled to work during their studies. Students from Turiba University are highly demanded in the international organizations. The improvement in the academic excellence in the University is achieved through the particular field professionals and studies from the employers in the particular stream.


The professional Master’s degree in Business Administration from Turiba University helps a student to acquire knowledge to become a highest level manager in the particular field. Keeping a student aware of all the latest achievements and trends in the business management helps the students to make them understand global markets trends and its progression. The course helps you to become a strong business planner. The study program is available both in English and Latvian. Students are given an option to do their internships at leading companies. The duration of entire study program is 1.5 or 2 years.

The first academic year helps to obtain professional knowledge on sustaining the modern technologies of strategic management to achieve efficiency in a business career. The students are given to learn the management of change processes and innovation management system to learn the methods to successfully manage a business.

The second year of study program makes students to improve skills in the company finance management and investment attraction. The students get to both the theory and practical level of education in the second academic year. The students are trained highly to work successfully in the international market.

The students are provided with workshops and consultations by the teaching professionals. The teaching professionals of Turiba highly improve their academic competencies by publishing research papers. The method involving working employer’s consultations concerned to integrate the innovations in the existing study program. The research is mainly done in the area of administration, management of different type enterprises, development opportunities for SMEs, data processing, and business information and much more. The research of the institution makes a student to highly get knowledge on the current need and to resolve the problem efficiently concerning the social responsibility. The advice is provided on the issues of business and constitutional rights to the students to make them shine in the business world.

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