Studying MBBS is the dream of every student and their parents especially in India. There is a belief that if the student is graduated with MBBS, his/ her life is settled and there are no worries about the future. In India every year more than 1000000 students try for study MBBS abroad. But only about 20% of them succeed. The reasons are many, India is a highly Populated country and there are very less government Medical colleges. The private Medical colleges in India do charge a heavy tuition fee which is not affordable by a common Man. So the only option for the students is to pursue their education in a foreign country.

When a student tries to study MBBS abroad, they will have so many questions in their mind. One of the main questions is about the tuition fee. The main reason students go for study MBBS abroad is the low fee structure. The Lowest fees in which a student can complete MBBS is in Kyrgyzstan. A student studying in Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan can complete his/ her whole MBBS degree in a total package of 11 lakh Indian rupees.

In Philippines a student can complete MBBS with a fee structure of 14 lakh package. Likewise the lowest fee ranges in certain countries are Tajikistan: 12-15 lakhs, Armenia : 12-15 lakhs, Ukraine: 13-18 lakhs, Georgia: 14 to 19 lakhs. Russia : 18-25 lakhs, China : 20 -30 lakhs etc. As the fee structure varies the quality of education, the facilities, the atmosphere etc also varies. When you compare all these countries Georgia is advisable to choose. In Georgia you can pursue MBBS in a Public University with a fee structure of 18.5 Lakhs package for whole six years with all modern technologies and well equipped hospitals. Also Georgia is one of the top ten safest countries in the world with European lifestyle.

The students may feel that whether their degrees are valid after the come back to India. There is no need to worry about those. The students who has completed their MBBS degree or equivalent from any university which are approved by WHO, can practice as a registered doctor in India once they clear their MCI examination and internship. So the main factor that the student should be careful about it is check whether the institution is WHO approved.

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