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Medical universities in Cyprus offer six years of medical programs. The medical education is provided by the well qualified and experienced doctors from all over the world. Te multiple numbers of teaching methods are introduced in the medical institutions to teach the best medicine. Medical Courses offered are with recognition of general medical council standard quality.

The students are offered with the traditional lectures through the case based learning. The students are enabled to learn through the clinical practices. The first year medical program provides the introduction to the medical theories and specializations involved. Starting from the second year students are provided with the clinical practices. Students are put to practice in the Cyprus medical units in their final year of the medical program.

To join the medical study available in Cyprus, students must have a successful completion of higher secondary education with A grade marks including the subjects biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. They must have the good communication skills in English. The students will have the personal interview through the video call. Students have no further entrance exams for the medical course admission.

Medical programs such as medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing and much more offered through the universities. The medical admission, tuition fees, and living cost in the country are very low. The student loans are the grant by the universities to support their interest to study the medical program. The entry level medical programs offered with the duration of four years in the country. The medical placements are given to students at end of their academics. The MBBS degree obtained from the Cyprus medical universities are recognized all over the world.

The medical universities provide the high-level quality medical education. The students from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East takes admission the medical programs offered. Students of Cyprus are able to work anywhere in the world acquiring the needed knowledge or skills. Students are trained to get the prestigious medical knowledge. Students are prepared to be up to date, fully adapted, resourceful and quality medical doctors. Most of the clinical pieces of training are given at their period of study to be skilled full professional doctors at their workplace.

Some of the famous medical universities of Cyprus are European University Cyprus (EUC), St George’s University of London – the University of Nicosia, University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia University of Central Lancashire and so on. For the assistance to study medicine in Cyprus contact us for the desirable assistance.

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