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MBBS (MD) Medicine is one of the top course which a student wants to study after their 12th standard education. The study of MBBS ( MD Medicine) provides a job guarantee to the students which increases the demand of studies. If you are a students and wish to study MBBS Abroad India, then Georgia is the best Option. Tibilisi is the Capital city of Georgia where the city is Highly developed, Clean and neat and is Peaceful. The Georgia provides a high quality education where it is almost same as the European education. Even though Georgia is a country which is separated from the Soviet Union, the education system is comparatively having a High Standard compared to Russia, China and Philippines. Georgia provides a great importance to the study of medicine and the Medical students are treated with great respect in the country. There is No racism in the country and the Indian students are treated well and good.

Georgia is also one of the top ten safest countries in the world. The Only negative point for the students are the winters are extremely cold and there is also a raise of temperature during the summer season. Apart from the climatic conditions the students can choose Georgia as the best option if they are looking forward to study MBBS abroad.

If you are a student who wish to study MBBS in Georgia, then the below Information will be helpful for you. For all the students who want to study MBBS Abroad, Certain Questions arises in their mind.

What are the MCI/WHO Approved top Medical Universities in Georgia?

The List of top Medical universities in Georgia is given below according to their Ranking.

1) Tibilisi State Medical University ( TSMU)
2) Akaki Tsereteli State University ( ATSU)
3) Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
4) David Tvidilani Medical University
5) AIETI Medical School
6) David Admashenabeli University of Georgia
7) European teaching university
8) High Medical School, Ayeti
9) Kutaisi Medical Institute
10) Tibilisi Public university
11) New Vision University, Georgia
12) Geomedi University
13) Petre Shotadze Tiblisi Medical Academy
14) LLc Caucasus International University, Tibilisi
15) Ivane Javakhashvili Tibilisi State University

The Above Georgian Medical Universities are given in the order of their world ranking and ranking in Georgia.


The ATSU is one of the Largest Government Universities in Georgia which ranks 2nd in Georgia. It is one of the Oldest universities founded in 1938 which provides quality education for your study MBBS in Georgia. ATSU is Approved by ministry of Education, Georgia, MCI ( Medical council of India and WHO. The students who study mbbs in Georgia in ATSU are able to easily pass the MCI examination to enroll as a registered doctor in India since they have a high quality European education system. ATSU has three own Multi- speciality hospitals where the students can take up their clinical practice in their own hospitals with real patients.

The ATSU also provides a low Tuition fee compared to other Georgian Medical Universities for your study Mbbs in Georgia


Ist Year : 5000 USD Approximately 3,20,000 INR
II nd Year : 4500 USD Approximately 2,86,000 INR
III rd Year : 4000 USD Approximately 2,54,000 INR
IV th Year : 4000 USD Approximately 2,54,000 INR
V th Year : 4000 USD Approximately 2,54,000 INR
VI th Year : 4000 USD Approximately 2,54,000 INR


The accommodation is also very cheap in Kutaisi compared to other universities . the accommodation will cost you around 6000 INR per month and almost another 6000 for your food. The ATSU has a very good neat and clean hostel with self cooking and washing facilities. There are already a good number of Indian students studying in the University especially from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Admission and Scholarships:

If you are a student who seeks to study MBBS in Georgia then Inspira International provides ten scholarships for the students who are Admitted through us. The MBBS seats are limited and a scholarship examination will be conducted for the 100 seats which are admitted through us. The first ten top scorers are provided with the whole year tuition fee as scholarships. The Tuition fee will be of free of cost for the students who are awarded with scholarships.
The Admission starts on 10th January 2018 for the September 2018 batch on a first come first serve basis. The students with 12th standard with 55% marks can apply and also the students who are completing the 12th std in 2018 are also eligible to apply now.

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