Romania is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It attracts the travelers through its natural beauty. It is the dream of students around the globe to peruse their higher education in Romania. There are many reasons that a student chooses to study in Romania. Romania will be the first choice if someone has the decision to study in Europe. Romania has the world’s oldest universities which provide the quality Education. Romanian Education system has the highest quality in all aspects such as Medicine, Engineering, Management, Sports, Arts, and Science etc. Recent most of the foreign students and graduates like their higher study MBBS abroad in choosing mostly Romanian universities.

Studying MBBS (MD) in Romania

Romania is the country which provides great importance for Medicinal studies. There are world ranking top universities available in Romania with modern equipment and multispecialty hospital for your MBBS study in Romania. The study of MBBS in Romania is not a difficult task since the living cost and fee structures are economical compared to other European countries.

Almost all Universities in Romania are accredited by authorities such as WHO, AIMSE, MCI, USMLE etc. The students who study MBBS in Romania are easily able to clear their MCI and USMLE examinations. T he main reason for this is the medical universities in Romania has high standards and quality education compared to other countries.

Another Important factor one chooses to study MBBS in Romania is that Romania is a Schengen country in the European Union. The students who study MBBS in Romania will get all the benefits of the Schengen students. They can be part of the Erasmus program. The students are free to travel 26 European countries with the same Romanian visa to countries such as Sweden, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Switzerland etc.

The fee structure in Romania for MBBS ranges from 3000 Euros to 5000 Euros Equivalent to 2.1 lakh to 3.6 lakh in INR per academic year. The living cost in Romania is also very economical. In about 250 to 350 Euros you will be able to manage your food and accommodation. The duration of MBBS study in Romania is six years. once a student complete the six years MBBS study from Romania, He/ She should appear for the MCI examination conducted in India and do their Internship in India or a time duration of one year to become a registered doctor India.

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