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Norway is highly contributed to its art and culture. The variety of cuisines, museums, galleries, cafes, music venues has no end in Norway. Norway is most advanced in research and development in the world. It keeps possession of ancient architecture to the contemporary architecture. Norway is famous for its history, mountains, beaches and midnight sunlight in summer. It includes famous sites such as Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord, Aurora borealis. Another attraction in the country is Olympics Participation. The study in Norway is being popular; it includes numerous numbers of popular universities. The countries top revenue is through its oil and gas deposits. Norway is a member of WTO, OECD. It’s well-maintained relationship with the European Union and the United States is notable. The weather in the country is comfortable.

The study in Norway gives potential careers to its students with the higher valued education.The higher educational institutions in the country are categorized as private universities, public universities and university colleges. The Bologna Process is introduced in the education of Norway to give a consistent education. To obligingly choose a course from the Bologna system Scandinavian professionally oriented programs are offered. There are hundreds of under and post graduations programs available to choose which are taught in English. Courses offered in multiple fields for an example social sciences, humanities, law, theology, mathematics, and natural sciences, education, medicine, dentistry, energy, development and gender studies. Norway is being a hub for the leading industries. The country ensures the high-quality life to students. The country has the arrival of a large number of people from all over the country it makes the immigrant’s population grow increasingly.

Some of the popular student cities in the country are Oslo, Bergen, Tromso, Trondheim, Kristiansand and much more. The famous universities of Norway are such as University of Oslo, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo University College, University of Adger, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Oslo School of Architecture, Norwegian Academy of Music and Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Tromso University and University of Bergen.

The public education is entirely free for both domestic and international students. On paying the semester fee the students are offered with membership card. The students can make a use of it at health cares, sports, and transportation to make a cost reduction. Students are allowed to do a part time job 20 hours a week to pay their expenses. Students can seek to get scholarships from universities for the financial assistance.

The study in Norway is best suited for the developed future, which will lead the career to succeed.

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