After completing 12th standard education, every student wondering about how your career will move and in what direction? Nowadays students have more confusion, regarding choose his/her career path after 12th. Though several courses are available to obtain a right career path after 12th standard still it’s the challenging task. Most students might have already chosen their subject for 12th grade, depending on their interest in career choice.

At the same time choosing the career after 12th standard, a student must consider various factors, most importantly his/her interest, ability to cope with subject their chosen job scope for the career and above all the financial commitment that’s the necessary during their courses. That is the most important challenging decisions made by the student while choosing the correct path of their career. The current trend shows there is the rise in students going to abroad.

To overcome this we bring you top courses in the world with the highest salary scale. Fetching high salary in a starting period of career will be the aim of many students in the modernised world. A lucrative job is expected by each and every individual.


People becoming more aware of their general health due to the implication of modern lifestyle and improper care. Nowadays there is the increasing number of health problems around the world. While this matter of concern, the medical professions never goes down until the human creature alive.

The medical professional could be MBBS, Dentist, Nursing, Pharmacology, Healthcare management, Physiotherapy, Public health and occupational therapy. Among that role MBBS, dentist (B.D.S) and pharmacist will earn the financially rewarding career. Pursuing your BDS and MBBS in Sweden, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Poland, Latvia and other European countries is almost guaranteed to ensure you high payment anywhere in the world.

Another prestigious career is pharmacology, are welcome every part of the world. After completing the degree you start a career in your home country or even choose some other country also. Pharmacy studies are achieving force due to the opening of several new and private healthcare facilities across the country.

Some people have the different thought of choosing their career like different and rare course among those standard careers. For those people, the option is Healthcare management, occupational therapy and rehabilitation. The best place to pursue those careers in Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia and some other European countries. We at inspire International guides you to secure admissions in top Universities around the globe based on your Marks and budgets. We also help the top students with good marks above 80% in the academics to secure free education or scholarships for the medical or MBBS studies, for all your queries regarding the medical studies, contact us for a informative guidance and admission


Engineering remains one of the common career-oriented professional course. The number of engineering branches has increased much in the last few years. But the branch that one chooses and the quality of institute and country from which one pursue the course will land with the highest pay scale.

Nowadays just having engineering degree doesn’t guarantee you a job. For example, many engineering graduates who passed out from colleges are still unemployed. They are forced to take up low salary jobs. To overcome this student should more concentrate to their branches in engineering.

Professionals related we have few valuable engineering branches; they are much valued and are always in demand. Such braches are Petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering and biomedical engineering etc. Jobs related to these branches are high paying ones.

Relatively new engineering branches like genetic engineering, petroleum engineering, mechatronics engineering, agriculture engineering, nuclear engineering and biotechnology have an extreme scope in abroad countries like Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, Lithuania, UK and Canada.The Petrochemical and Mining is one of the top sector and highly paid industry in Education category the successful graduates can expect a high income job after the studies


Design related career is a wide variety of field from fashion to computing to engineering. Many of these careers offer attractive salaries. In designing best growing field is fashion designing, interior designing and Graphic designing.

Fashion designing is a creative and broad field, offering a wide range of exciting career opportunities likes clothing manufactures, tailoring businesses and own boutiques etc .studying fashion is a fun-filled adventure and depending on which institutes and choice of country. The best place to pursue this degree in Ohio, Atlanta, Chicago, London, Canada, Belgium, and New York and in Europe.

Interior design course which is in line with the demand of the design industry. Competition for work in the interior design profession is high as many people are attracted to this occupation. Canada, Italy, Spain, England, Italy, Netherlands, Australia are the best place for this course.

The graphic designing course will help you to develop your own design style and make your passion for graphic design a pathway to a great career. The most important benefit of being a designer is the ability to express your creativity, while still earning a great living. Best study place is Canada,Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Poland, Germany and other European countries.


The aviation sector is the home to the number of high paying jobs in the current scenario of the world. This is one of the jobs that we all used to dream and this career is financially rewarding too. There are new private airline companies have arrived on many locations nowadays. So evidently it will land you in high pay scale

Top high paid and demand courses are the pilot, aircraft maintenance or engineering, air traffic control. These are the highest paying one. Among those commercial pilot is the highest paying one. Training institutes of pilots in India are few. To overcome these some students choose to study in abroad like UK, Philippine, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Maldives, Germany and Australia.

The aviation field can provide a variety of exciting career options for graduates. In addition to flight training, students can also pursue air traffic control, aviation safety, aircraft maintenance and flight instructor. In Aviation Industry every year about 150 to 200 new airports are Built around the globe, but only a very few students are aware about the job opportunities in aviation Industry, If you want to have a successful careen in the aviation industry like Piloting, Cabin Crew, Airport staff, Ground handling, Air traffic controlling etc contact inspire International for our expert Guidance

Media News concept


Media course is the excellent way to step up your career. They are becoming popular with many credits due to the rise of social media. They are many excellent options for media courses located in exciting destinations across the globe. Media is an exciting industry, extremely dynamic and full of opportunities. If you want to make a career here, choose best college and country which overwhelmed you. Few countries like England, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy and other European countries.

This is the profession where you can make the change to the society in a direct and significant way. The course like journalism and mass communication are highly valued and offers a lucrative career in the new broadcasting field.Other courses like film technology provide graduates with the background for many entry-level positions. They handle the technical aspects of film and video productions. The Study of media has a greater demand and the graduates are highly paid after education. In 2018 the Study of media is having a greater demand since there are a large Number of Workforce required in the Media Industry, The Media professionals are also provided with highly paid jobs.


Travel and tourism management is the best study and a dream of a job that would be connected to travelling and getting familiarized with other cultures. In the field of tourism, you can learn a variety of things such as arranging and planning tours, how the industry work, marketing strategies, counselling and law.

There are some best spots for tourism studies they are Sweden, US, France, Netherlands and other European countries. In tourism management paying scale is different from field to field and location to location, hospitality position but it offers solid starting salary and ample opportunity for pay increases.Travel and tourism is a course which has it value for ever and the graduates are highly paid after a two or three years of experience after the graduation. The Latvian colleges are best to study Travel and tourism where they have a high demand and can be placed in top companies in Europe after the studies.


People who pursuing business and the management-oriented field called as the management professional. Management professional will earn depend upon their factors like the area of specialization. In this profession, we have valuable and currently high pay courses like bachelor of e-commerce management, wine management and international logistics among the common degrees. These are the updated courses in the current scenario.

Nowadays e-commerce management course is playing the vital role in marketing. It’s a rapid growth over the years has made us understand the significance of good online presence. If your knowledge is extraordinary on e-commerce, definitely you will have high paying career. The best place to pursue this course in Malaysia, UK, USA and European countries.

Apart from this wine management study are popular gradually course available in France and Canada. One of the core courses, the program regarding wine management.

International logistics management is a specialization in supply chain management. The need for professionals with international logistics is highly demanded in the world today. As globalization increase, it is becoming more and more common for industries and business to make use offshore goods or labour for shipping and other steps in the supply chain. The best place to pursue the career in Sweden and other European countries. Business Administration is always having a great demand and the successful graduates are paid a high salary. The Business Administration is also a trending course of 2018 with greater demand which pays a high salary after education.


Criminology is defined as the scientific study of the causes, nature, extent and control of criminal activity on an individual and societal level. There are number new career opportunities in both government and private sectors.

Earning a degree in criminology can open the door to perform of fascinating and rewarding career. Have a unique opportunity to make their world a better place. The best place to earn this degree in Poland, Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and other European countries.Criminology is one of the top trending courses of 2018 which has a great scope


Forestry is the forest education is keeping step with changing social values and an increasing knowledge based on forest sector. Graduates of forestry science degree often work as professionals in a variety of public and private organizations and industries.

Salary package for this field is high due to the demand. The best place to pursue the career in Canada, UK, Australia and some other European countries. The reason to choose this career is chance to work in wide range of environment, jobs are abundantly available.


Forensic science is the professionals in this discipline apply their knowledge of science to analyze the evidence found at a crime scene. Current scenario for forensic science is one can find employment at various government facilities like forensic expert/ investigator/ scientist/ consultant, fraud examiner and fingerprint expert. Today the career has raised new heights and the pay scales are good.

The best place to pursue the career in Denmark, Australia, New York and other European countries. the benefit of these study is you have a variety of role, high range of salary.

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